In ancient times who taught the Egyptians how to preserve bodies and what was the purpose of such preservation?



History tells us that the Egyptians preserved the dead bodies of kings and pharaohs because they had a believe that one day they would return to the land of the living. The question remains who taught them such skills and why did they believed that one day they would come back to the land of the living? The Christian answer of course would be the fallen angels. There are 2 distinct lines of fallen angelic beings, one fell with Lucifer during his rebellion against God, and the other fell out of lust for human women and the desire to bear their offspring. The fallen angels that rebelled with Lucifer were permitted to roam the earth and in no way shape or form were bounded while the ones that fornicated with human women were almost immediately dealt with.


This particular band of angels according to the book of Enoch were called "the watchers" whose leader was Samyanza.

This group of fallen angels were almost immediately arrested and locked up for leaving their place of origin in order to commit fornication & for mixing themselves up with another form of God's creation and thus corrupting it.

Of course the result of such union resulted in hybrid beings of super natural strength and size that were over powering God's human creation and cannibalizing them.


Now,  would it be safe to assume that Lucifer and his fallen angels saw all this and that they thought that this incursion could be used to their advantage?

(More on that later)

Before the arrest of this batch of fallen angels, the book of Enoch tells us that these fallen angels taught all kinds of things to their human "wives". This is perhaps where the term "witchcraft" originated from, being from the term "Watch-craft" or "the craft of the watchers."

Now let's fast forward to the times of the old testament. In those times we hear of a lot of false god worship being done by the pagans. We also have historical evidence that the Egyptians who were also pagans served and worship many gods. Some engravings found dating back thousands of years suggests that the Egyptians encountered visitations of deity beings who they worship believing them to be gods.



gods_titleOf course we Christians know that these beings were in fact the fallen angels that fell with Lucifer. We could safely assume that these beings were teaching the Egyptians how to preserve the human body after death and gave them a promise of a future life.


Imagine yourself working for a company that assembles computer parts & makes software. Now imagine you're no longer working there but you're still retaining the information in how these computers and software were assembled and how they operate. Would you use the information to your advantage?

That is the case with these fallen angels. They were present when God created the human race and they know exactly how DNA and the human body works. Their plan from the very beginning was to teach man how to preserve the human body of these wicked kings and pharaohs so in a distant future, they could then teach other wicked humans how to extract their DNA in order to bring some of these wicked kings back from the underworld to our reality.

Now, going back to the flood. God had to bring a flood into the entire world in order to destroy these fallen angel hybrids along with their animal hybrids. The bible tells us that after the flood there were giants again. The question then is how?

Did more angels fell deciding to procreated with women or was the first incursion the only one?

My answer would be no and I further add that the first incursion was the only one. As Rob Skiba puts it - "the judgment of these fallen angels was so severe, that no angel would have dare to do the same exact thing as these watchers did."

I think Rob Skiba is correct on this one.

Howe-ever, Rob Skiba then puts forward the idea that perhaps one of Noah's family members possibly even his own wife could've had Nephilim blood; & since the Nephilim blood carrier made it to the ark the Nephilim bloodline therefore continued.

I totally disagree with you on this one Rob.

I love you Rob and I love all your hard work and also agree with you on 95% of your presentations & arguments. However, I strongly disagree with you on this one.

So how then did these giants were able to return back to earth after the flood?

For the very first time I'll be the first one to submit and put forward the theory and idea that this was accomplished thanks to Satan and the rest of his fallen angels that were not bound by simply locating at least one dead body of a giant Nephilim and extracting the DNA from it.

After all, the fallen angels are the very ones who taught the elite Egyptians how to preserve the human body and the current elite Luciferians, in how to extra DNA and clone people.

It is also believed that the Antichrist will be a clone of a past king such as Nimrod. The bible speaks in (Revelation 17:8 KJV) about a beast who was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit. We humans are made in the image of God, but is also believed in accordance to some apocryphal books that animals are made in the image of angels.

Contrary to popular belief, Angels are beastly looking creatures who at times can transform themselves into human looking beings as to not frighten the person who God sends them to. Take for instance the book of Revelation which is filled with descriptions of good beastly looking angels that have the characteristics of some animals. Read the book of Revelation and the book of Ezekiel chapter 1.

Once you read Ezekiel chapter 1 you will find that the angel beings that Ezekiel saw, eerie resembles the gods of the Hindus.


These Hindu gods which we know to be fallen angels, some have the head of lion, others with the head of an elephant, and so on. Also when you see depictions of Satan, you'll see the goat head and other animal human hybrid characterizations. They are the beast in which DNA they want to inject on you so you can stop being the image of God and be made like onto them.
So once again, how did the Nephilim came back into existence after the flood?

The same way we currently have the technology to bring back a mummy from over 3000 years ago. By DNA extraction conducted by the fallen angels.






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